Urgent Message: Please Don’t Bomb Agrabah!!

So, apparently 1/3 of Republican voters stated that they would be in support of bombing Agrabah in a recent poll. (If I ever needed a reason not to vote Republican …)

The analysts wanted to see how many people would have a knee-jerk response to a name that sounded Middle Eastern.

All I can say, is those people are monsters. What did Aladdin and Jasmine and the gang ever do to them?

We must speak out about this injustice.

Save Agrabah!!!


Thousands of innocent cartoon characters will die!!!

In Defense of Disney Princesses (Not by Me)

In Defense of Disney Princesses

A good article to “get the juices flowing” on this project (although she gets the colors of Wendy’s and Alice’s dresses wrong, and maybe a few others.) I’ve always been on the same page with her about Ariel, though — Ariel longed for a life different than the one she had before she fell in love with Eric. She was uncomfortable in her own skin, and her story is a journey toward being who she has felt she is inside all along.